Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour

Spring in Wisconsin.

Winter in Wisconsin.

This is the reception area of the hospital.

Here is one of our exam rooms.
Comet is hanging out for the photo op.

Our second exam room.
If you look closely, Howie is sleeping in the sink.

This is the pharmacy area behind the exam rooms.

Here is our surgery suite.

This is our dental equipment.  You probably recognize the dental X-Ray unit.  Very similar to the one at your dentist's office.  The Dentalaire unit to the left includes an ultrasonic scaler, high and low speed drills and water rinse.  Yeah, just like your dentist, only our patients don't spit.   

Digital X-Rays help reduce the x-ray exposure to your pet and us.  Plus it gives us great images.

This is the treatment area.  Boring photo of a generally very busy room.